Begin From Within.

How was your 2016?

Let’s start 2017 a bit different than how we ended 2016. For the most part I had an awesome year. One of the best parts of 2016 was getting back involved with Wealthy Affiliate. The worst part of 2016 is that we lost some friends and family and had a few other set backs.  We survived 2016 and  now we are in 2017.  If you are into New Years Resolutions  here are the top 29 per  the  daring to live fully website.

1. Start a Meditation Practice. Can help Improve your mood and reduce your stress.

2. Learn something new each day. Helps you to understand  how the world works increase your motivation.

3.Pick a Hobby. lowers stress and boost your brain power.

4.Play More. A source of relaxation and stimulation for adults.

5.Eat fewer calories. Better weight control and healthier for you.

6. Write a business plan. Gets your ideas on paper and makes having a business real for you.

7.Move more(not from where you live). Join a sports team , walk at least 10,000 steps per day, stretch every 20 minutes or join a Dance team.

8. Read more books. Gives you a sense of accomplishments.

9.Be more grateful. Helps you to overcome adversity and helps improve the quality of sleep. Also helps you to get along better with others.

10. Stop Procrastinating. If you did not achieve the goals you set in 2016 it is probably due to procrastination.

11. Set aside 1 hour a day to achieve your dreams. Stop telling yourself you don’t have enough time. Take time to make time.

12. Spend more time in nature. Humans are not made to be cooped up in the house all day.Boost immune system and makes you more creative.

13. Start Doing Planks Every Day.  Helps to strengthen your core.

14. Enjoy the Little Things.  Living life and accomplishing  the big things like buying home. It also means accomplishing things like looking at the stars  or going bare foot in grass.

15. Become More Confident. Confident people are happier, more relaxed, more likely to take chances, and more likely to succeed.

16. Be More Conscientious.conscientiousness is the personality trait that is most often linked to success.

17. Increase Your Charisma.charismatic people are more likely to get what they want.

18. Increase Your IQ. Enhancing your brain’s capacity is always a good thing.

19. Increase Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). emotional intelligence is a set of skills, including the control of one’s impulses, self-motivation, empathy and social competence in interpersonal relationships.

20. Learn a New Skill. Do you want to learn to play an instrument, code, knit, whittle? The possibilities are endless.

21. Bring More Peace Into Your Life.  To help you begin by accepting what is, practicing non-judgement, and teaching your mind to become still.

22. Be Kinder to Yourself. You may not be able to control how kind other people are to you, but you can always control how kind you are to yourself.  This upcoming year, set the resolution to believe in yourself, respect yourself, and treat yourself well.

23. Create a Positive Attitude.Having a positive attitude opens your mind to new possibilities, it makes you more resilient, and it can even help you to live longer.

24. Strengthen Your Personal Relationship. Don’t make all of your resolutions career or fitness oriented. Include that special someone in your life in your resolutions.

25. Tame Your Monkey Mind. Life isn’t easy when there’s a monkey in your head. Specially if that monkey won’t stop screeching and jumping uncontrollably from one branch to another. Calm down and stay in the moment.

26. Keep a Journal. Journaling is a powerful life tool. It can help you to organize your thoughts and get in touch with your true feelings and wants.

27. Get Your Documents In Order.There are certain documents that every adult should have. This includes things such as a will, a durable power of attorney, and a letter of instruction. If your documents aren’t in order, make it a New Year’s Resolution to get them ready in the coming year.

28. Travel. Plan a vacation. Next year, visit a country you’ve always wanted to see. If you’re not sure how you would achieve a goal to travel in 2017.

29.  Start a Blog. A great way to start the New Year is by launching a blog. Register a domain name (it can be your name and last name, e.g. and pay for a year of hosting. This will allow you to do things like the following:

  • Create a portfolio of your work which you can show to prospective employers or clients.
  • Blog as a hobby (you can blog about anything that interests you, such as cooking, traveling, or video games).
  • As a way to document a journey — a weight loss journey, a home renovation project, a journey to financial independence, and so on.
  • You can monetize your blog and create additional sources of income.

I went all the  around the world , tried many  lotions and potions,only to end up back here at WA(Wealthy Affiliate).  For so long I always thought and felt I had the right attitude about what all of this online stuff meant. I may have had the right attitude but I needed the rights tools to succeed online. Tools such as a support system, like-minded individuals and the ability to learn and grow at my own pace. You and I can win at anything if we are willing  to do the work. But we must first win from win from within(our thoughts and emotions). Results shows up in out actions. Good luck with what you do this day and every day. Keep up the GREAT work. We  all need YOU. Congrats and wish you the best in 2017. Please comment.