Principles of Learning.

Do you like learning new things?

yes we can
yes we can.

What motivates you to take on a challenge and learn something new. Is it being fed up with your  current situation? Usually that  does it for me. When I look at the many issues  that concern me financially and spiritually, I get fired up for change. I know that if nothing changes, nothing changes. Let’s look at finances. No matter who you are or where you live you need money to live.We will need  money to do most things, ie… food, shelter and clothing. I know money does not solve all problems it just pays for everything(food, shelter and clothing). Most earn money by trading their time for money. What if their was another way to earn money. What if their are other systems that are at our disposal. Are their Principles of learning how to make/earn money? Yes there are!!

start from where you're at!
start from where you’re at!

Let’s look at two ways to earn income.Linear and Residual.Linear income is directly related to the number of hours you work. If you work 40 hours, you get paid for 40 hours of work. Residual Income: Unlike a paycheck from a job, when you develop a “residual income” you don’t have to start from zero every week, or every month. It has been my experience that most, around 95%, have been taught and live by creating income using the Linear method. In my humble opinion  most would think that Linear is easier than Residual. Why you asked? I will tell why. Most have been only taught the one method. If you are only taught one method then that is the only method you know , at that point, that ever exist. The other half of this equation  is that everyone you know has been taught this same method of earning money via the Linear income method. Residual income method on the other the other hand, not so lucky with the masses. The residual income method not so lucky because of the lack of understanding how this method works. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself one question. If you knew nothing about either method which one sounds like it makes the most sense to you? Is it Linear or is it Residual?

Which path will you choose or can you do both?
Which path will you choose or can you do both?

On a recent conference call the presenter made a very interesting point. He shared that those that have the desire and commitment to unlearn and relearn in this new economy we have will have the greatest chances of personal  success and survival.

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For many years Tony has been helping companies create and grow their business for well over 25 years. In September of 2010 Tony retired from corporate and moved from New Jersey back to Georgia and started his own Home Based Business. He has seen dozens of programs from 2010 until today. Finally after many years of trial and error he has finally found his own niche' in the home based business industry in Leadership Development and Business Solutions. Leadership development for those starting out in business. Business Development for those companies seeking to help grow their bottom line. It;s the How and Why of what we do.

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