Prosperity Online Training



How does one get started with all this online stuff? Do you start with content? Or do you start with a blog? Here is what I have learned with all of the Q&A to get started is this. Get started and don’t ever quit!

In building an online prosperity you will have to be responsible for your own success. If want to be successful you can? If you want to be anything you want to you can. In the case of Online Training it will take time to create it. The prosperity will take care of it’s self. For the sake of this training I am going to share my perspective.

How Understand Prosperity Online?  There are 4 parts this process.

E+I+S+I= Cash flow quandrant

The diagram on the left we all familiar with. This is the cash flow quadrant, Robert Kiysosaki.( E) is for an employee side where many start and most stay. The (S) is for the self-employed where we have another group falls into. Here is where we have Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Plumbers, Electricians’, Sub-contractors, Small Franchises and Independent Contractors. The (B) is where we have the traditional business owners. Here is where you will find Pizza Parlors, Bakeries, Auto Repair shops, Diners, Restaurants and  Large Franchises. The (I) is for investor. The Investor is person who takes his money and invest and makes money. The Investor should be the goal of the other three quadrants. The Investor has the most leverage because his money is working for him, He or she does not have trade their time for money.

P+S+C+A= The cash go quadrant

The cash go quadrant.

This is an explanation of how the online community to create Prosperity. The (P) stands for products. You can have products ranging from weight loss, weight gain, skin care, exercise and healthcare. These products help people solve a problem or enhance their style of living. The (S) is for services online that can help you do things like banking, paying your bills, teaching you to play an instrument, how to make money online, dating services and much more. Most of these services will require you to pay one time or monthly. The next is (C) for customer. With any service that you have online you will have more customers than anything else. Most are not interested in trying to make money online. They just purchase that enhances their life and solves a problem that they have. The (A) stands for Affiliate. The Affiliate may see the business side of a product or service and say count me in. They love the product so much that I want to make money by sharing this idea with as many people as possible. An Affiliate is what we call a business builder. They are the guy or gal who wants more than just the product or service they are looking for Online Prosperity. They understand they need training. They are willing to do what it takes to make this happen.