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Remember these words, “If you can shape it in your mind,
you WILL find it in your life.” That’s not maybe, not
possibly or might could. You will…PERIOD.

You see, everything you attract into your life begins in
your mind. A picture, an idea, even an impulse begin to set
events in motion.

Here are 8 basic areas that I concentrate on to assist you
in designing the life you truly desire:

B positive
B positive
#1 – Create a crystal clear VISION for your brain to focus
on. You cannot go forward looking at the past. You MUST
clearly define your VISION  you will be living someone

#2 – Establish empowering BELIEFS. Your beliefs guide you.
They will either guide you toward or away from your vision.
Know which ones are which, eliminate those that don’t
support you and replace them with BELIEFS that do.

#3 – A championship MINDSET is critical to your success.
What about your drive? What about your desire? What about
when fatigue sets in? Your MINDSET must be conditioned just
as a champion athlete hones his or her bod’y. Without it,
the road is long, slow and perilous.

#4 – COMMUNICATIONS is an area focused on by many. It is
truly important to develop the skills to COMMUNICATE with
others quickly and effectively. However, let-us not ignore
an area equally important if not more so. How you
COMMUNICATE with yourself. WHAT you say and HOW you say
what you say have a tremendous impact on your performance.

#5 – KNOWLEDGE is the next step. Old saying, “KNOWLEDGE is
power!” WRONG! KNOWLEDGE in ACTION is power! Even better is
USEFUL KNOWLEDGE in action is power. Make sure what you’re
putting in your brain is worthwhile.

The Right Blend

#6LEADERSHIP is influence. Do you have influence? YES?
Then you’re a leader. Take that role seriously. Management
is maintaining the status quo and the world is full of
people that want to keep things as they are. Don’t be one
of them.

#7 – ACTIVITY puts us on the map. Without action our dreams
will nev’er materialize to reality. Knowledge without action
is powerless. It’s the ingredient that ensures results. The
world loves to watch those who make things happen and it
rewards them for doing so. Show up, Suit up & Step up!

#8 – The word CONTRIBUTION brings many pictures. Most view
it as donations to their church etc. That’s part of it. It
is also the VALUE that you bring to the table. What kind of
value are you bringing to the table? Your CONTRIBUTION of
becoming all that you are designed to be can change lives.

   I’ll end with several words:

The first word is DISGUST. You may not equate the word
“disgust” with positive action, yet properly channeled,
disgust can change your life. If you feel disgust you may
be ready to throw down the gauntlet and say, “ENOUGH IS

The second word is DECISION. Maybe you’ve reached that
proverbial “Fork in The Road”. I don’t have much advice to
give you about making a decision except this; Whatever you
do, don’t camp at the fork in the road. Decide, it’s better
to make a wrong decision than not to make one at all.

Next is DESIRE. Two things about desire. #-1 it comes from
the inside, not the outside. #2 it can be triggered by
outside forces. It can be a song, a movie, a conversation,
even a book.

Any thing can trigger that inner mechanism that makes you
say, “I want it n-ow!”

Resolve says I will. Do or Die. It means promising yourself
you’ll nev’er give up. I will UNTIL.

At a minimum, you will make a decision about the
information just provided to you. If anything in the
information above has created a spark in you, TAKE ACTION.
The choice is uniquely yours.

For many years Tony has been helping companies create and grow their business for well over 25 years. In September of 2010 Tony retired from corporate and moved from New Jersey back to Georgia and started his own Home Based Business. He has seen dozens of programs from 2010 until today. Finally after many years of trial and error he has finally found his own niche' in the home based business industry in Leadership Development and Business Solutions. Leadership development for those starting out in business. Business Development for those companies seeking to help grow their bottom line. It;s the How and Why of what we do.

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