System for Prosperity

   Hey Man!!!  Can we be real about all this online stuff? I say let’s get to the exact nature. If your goal is to build a successful online business or have prosperity online, how or where would you start?  If there was a proven way for you and I to PROSPER ONLINE would you be willing to follow the “Green Brick Road To Success”?  Having been part of the online community many years now I can confidently say that you only have three real choices:


(1) Hire someone with knowledge and experience that understand  what needs to be done .

(2) Make the sacrifice and join a system that strategically, step by step show you how to really get the results you are looking for.

(3) Quit before you even get started.

Number 1.

If you have the resources, money, to hire someone to build you a website, maintain that website and return to you a profit, how much do you think it will cost? $1000.00,$5000.00 or $10,000 or even higher. No matter what it cost it will take time and money make this happen. Regardless of the cost it will  be Expensive, believe me. A SYSTEM is what will be created for you. And yes this too will take time.

Number 2.

If you have more time than money, which many of us do, you can make the sacrifice and make this happen. A system for prosperity online.  While it sounds simple in reality it is simple. All one needs to do with any system is follow the blueprint for success. The first step you will probably have to take is to find one that you feel comfortable with. There are many system that are in existence today. You can just Google”Online System To Prosperity” and see what comes up and start there. Over the years I have worked with different system. I have worked with blogging systems, pay per click, pay per advertising, Google Ad words, Adsense and Affiliate systems . The ones that I am currently working with Wealthy Affiliate, UGF(by invitation only) and TSN . These are  my favorite systems to work with at this moment.Each system provides a dual function. Each provide a function that enables you to become part of an online community that networks with like minded individuals where you learn and grow together. The online functionality  not only helps you  learn and grow together personally you can learn and grow together financially.

These are some of the  benefits and features these programs have. There are  thousands of other online programs that you have at your finger tips right now. All you need to do is ask your self a few questions.


  • If financial prosperity is your focus which makes the most sense to you?
  • DIY(do it yourself will cost less but take more time) or Hire someone else(less time more expensive) to create the system for you. Just sit back and get paid providing you have enough up front money.
  • If financial prosperity IS NOT your focus and you just want to connect socially online and enhance your old online relationships and make new relationships, by all means enjoy yourself. Whatever you want to do online, somebody else is already doing what you want to do. If you don’t find what you want  you have the opportunity to start something new. How cool would that be?

Number 3.

What beats a Start is a Stop. What keeps a Start is in your Heart. Whatever you do from this point forward please make sure you have a big enough why. In working towards online Prosperity make sure you have a purpose that is greater than money. If you and I are willing to serve and help others the money will show when it’s needed and in abundance. Once we start we must never quit. If you look at your life for the past 5 years it is either the same, better or worse? The next five will be the same,better or worse if we don’t do anything different.

Please feel free to leave your feedback. Thanks