The Journey.

Can’t Look For Seeing

Have you ever been looking for something and could not find it no matter how hard you looked? I have and it can be very frustrating. I remember looking for the belt that I was currently wearing. I have even been talking on my cell phone while I was looking for the very phone I was talking on. You think that’s something while I was at a company function I saw an old friend who asked me had I seen his hat, which I then replied, you mean like the one you ‘re holding in your left hand?

The Journey. Your journey to success will have many twist and turns. The important thing is never get off the journey. If you do quit on your journey you will lose the momentum and success you have created. Once you have embarked on a journey to success you will need support. The right support is vital to the stability while on your journey. No one can get to the top or succeed without help and support from a few good men and women. If you are on a journey by yourself please create a team. A team of one may get you started, but a team of two more will speed up the process and make your entire journey more enjoyable and productive.
How long have you been looking? If you have been looking for anything it will take you some time to find it. In business that could be anywhere from four to six years or maybe even longer. The success rate may not be very good for going into business. Most take the approach of working a job so they can play it “safe”. Trust me there is no such thing as safe. If you decide to work a job for many years you may end working longer than expected and getting paid less than you deserve. I say do both if possible when starting out. In the day time have a job to take care of your day to day household expenses and at night work on your passion.

Frustrations. While working towards your goal or making your dreams come true can be frustrating at times. It can drain you mentally, physically and financially. No matter how well we plan things may take longer to come to fruition than anticipated. It may cost more than budgeted for. A lot can happens on the road to success. The dream is FREE, but journey will cost.

Success. A definition I heard for success is the progressive realization of a worthy idea. What does that mean? Success is anyone’s ability to set a goal, go out and make that goal happen. That can be anything you want from being a school teacher to a carpenter. From the owner of the company to the staff that works for the company. Success comes in all sizes, shapes, colors and ages. Success is also not tied to money, fame or popularity. Success should only be defined by the individual and not society. If you put in the work , you deserve the reward.


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