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What are you passionate about? If you don’t have a passion , I’ll share mines with you.  The dictionary describes a passion as” a strong and barely controllable emotion“. As I write this post a lot things pop into my head.The ones I have enjoyed the most are music, sports and food.

As a kid growing up in Georgia my first love musically was the drums. I learned how to play the snare drum, tenor drum and percussion in High School. Another fun memory I had as a youngster was with my Uncle Ted and my cousin Michael.  Uncle Ted played the Electric Guitar, Michael plyed the Saxophone and I played  my snare drum. At least once or twice a week we would  sit on Uncle Ted’s porch and play music until we got tired or it got too dark. Not sure what we sounded like but I can say for sure how I felt and that was awesome! After that I stopped playing and started listening to other artist.

MUSIC!At one point in my life I would buy an album/vinyl


once a week so that I would have  the latest and greatest that played on the radio at that time. To date I don’t have one album/vinyl to play. How could I have been so  passionate about it and now nothing.  To date no album/vinyl but I still love the sound of music.Gospel, R&B,Soul, Jazz, Regae, Rock and Roll, Some New Artist, Blues, Country and Western,Older Artist,Salsa and some Rap music.


In between all the music was sports. As a big  stocky little kid growing up in Georgia we played Football,Tennis,Basketball,Baseball, Softball,Volleyball, Table Tennis and Pool. The sport that I like the most to watch is football. The sport I like to play is Basketball. I remember wearing my favorite sneakers ” Chuck Taylor High Tops”. You haven’t played basketball until you have played on dirt. Dusty, but a lot of fun.  In high school I played football for one semester. Being one of eight children my focus from my parents was on academics and getting a good job. After high school I started liking basketball a lot. As a young adult I would play every chance I got. After work and on the weekends. I played in my 20’s, 30’s , 40’s and occasionally in my 50’s.  Yes even in my fifties.It is not so much the workout I get from playing the game, it’s the after the game talk I have with youngsters and  one or two guys my age occasionally.  I like playing outside. Most of the guys say that playing inside in a gym is better for your back and knees and they are absolutely right! But for me, I just like the way I feel sitting in the shade, drinking water and watching others have fun. That to me never gets old.

Foodfoods♥Food foods2Food♥


What’s more important than Sports or Music ???….. you guessed it FOOD!! My first job in High School was a Bust Boy at a local restaurant called Shoney’s Big Boy. After being a Bust Boy and a Dish Washer I later became a Short Order Cook. Cooking everything from Hamburgers to Chicken fingers.  My next level of experience in Food Industry was that of a Bread Baker.  I didn’t start out as Bread Baker I started out as laborer. After becoming  a laborer  for a while I  learned how to fry Donuts. I was the Original Dunkin Donuts -Glazed, Cinnamon and Chocolate with a cup of coffee! After frying and filling several thousand donuts I then became a Bread Baker. I say bread Baker ,but I made a lot more than bread. I made Breads, Rolls, Muffins and all types of danishes like Cheese, Cinnamon and Raisin. After many years in the Baking industry I decided  to work in Corporate America  and started out as a Lab Technician. I worked on some brands you may have heard of before. Hellmann’s Mayo, Skippy Peanut Butter and Lipton Tea.

In 2010 I retired from Corporate to start my own business as an Independent Contractor in the Home Based Business Industry. With so many years of experience, many of my Friends and Family asked me why I didn’t open a bakery here in Georgia. I never looked at my experience in the  Food Industry as a  Passion. I looked at the Food Industry as my Job and nothing more.

Since I had the opportunity to step away from the Bread Baking and Mayo making I can honestly say I now enjoy Cooking and Baking . It gives me great JOY to create something  and have people say how much they liked it.  I also found that using my hands to create a food is very relaxing and spiritual. It is an art.

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For many years Tony has been helping companies create and grow their business for well over 25 years. In September of 2010 Tony retired from corporate and moved from New Jersey back to Georgia and started his own Home Based Business. He has seen dozens of programs from 2010 until today. Finally after many years of trial and error he has finally found his own niche' in the home based business industry in Leadership Development and Business Solutions. Leadership development for those starting out in business. Business Development for those companies seeking to help grow their bottom line. It;s the How and Why of what we do.

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  1. Hi, you make a great point here and I can feel it well. Passion and joy is what makes all the difference in the world. You are in the field where I am really weak so I have a lot of respect for what you are doing with food. As for album/vinyl, in fact this is just the medium so it is less important. What matters is what it gives you, and this is music, regardless how it is delivered to you. Here, I am much more close to you and can understand you much better.

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