The U of You.

      Are you ready for Monday? Are you ready for the week? It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude, guts, to get through all that life can throw our way. No matter what we have dealt with, there will always be room for growth. We all have the ability do great things. The greatest difference we all have is the U of You. You can go to work, Go back to school, Have a school named after you and If you’re famous enough you can have a street named after you. The bottom line with you is you. If you wanted to be somebody else you couldn’t their already taken. It is nice to pattern your life after someone that you deem as being your idol or someone you would like to be when you grow up. If you are already grown up, and you are middle aged like many of us, then what? My perspective is that we are never too young to teach and never too old to learn. 

So, go ahead and be the best You of U this week. Who knows you may even be someone ‘s idol. Do you realize that there may be a lot of people who look up to you right now. Be the best you, you can be. Make some one’s day, week or even help them change their life for the better.
Thanks U R Awesome!!!

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